Art As Healing



 ALMA, the new album by Claudia Cuentas.

"ALMA," which in Spanish means “SOUL,” is an album dedicated to the strength, perseverance, courage and commitment of all the original indigenous people of the Earth. "ALMA" is dedicated to to all the medicines of the Earth and the undeniable love that moves and inspires our every sensation, thought, word and action. This album is full of gratitude to all the visible and invisible, material and non-material, spiritual and physical, nurturing and sustaining elements of life. “ALMA” is a collection of original songs inspired by the Andean Healing Tradition of the Americas. It is an invitation to sing the Cantos that live within us as offerings to the Earth and Stars."ALMA" is Claudia's first Album and the first production of the Canta Colibrî Project.


Released April 20, 2017 Lyrics and Music by/ Autora y Compositora: Claudia Cuentas Executive Producer/Dirección General:Claudia Cuentas Artistic Producer/Productor Artístico: Otto Gygax; Musical Production/Producción Musical: Louis Schofield Del Castillo y Dimitri Manga Chavez; Editing and Mixing/Mezcla y Edición: Louis Schofield Del Castillo y Dimitri Manga Chavez; Recording Engineering/Ingeniero de Grabación: Louis Schofield Del Castillo; Recording Engineering for song “Tabaquito”: Fernando Bedoya ~ Studio Tribu; Musical arrangement for “Tabaquito”: Lino “Chachi” Martinez; Mastering/Masterización General:Aldo Giraldi-Magnan Atkins ~ Hit Makers Mastering; Design photography/Diseño Fotográfico: Erika Gagnon